Which is more popular? TBB or CUDA?

I’ve been monitoring the traffic on this blog since it started. (That isn’t hard – a big day has 100 page views.) Here are the accumulated hits for the blog posts I’ve made on TBB and CUDA:

Accumulated Hits
Framework #Hits Duration
TBB 1,045 120 days
CUDA 1,112 40 days

It appears that CUDA has garnered as much attention as TBB, but in a much shorter time and with far fewer posts. I’ll give three possible explanations for this:

  1. CUDA has been more visible in the tech press over the past few months, while TBB coverage has been almost non-existent.
  2. People perceive a bigger payoff from learning about CUDA (which offers much more potential parallelism with hundreds of parallel processors) than TBB (which uses the handful of cores available in today’s CPUs).
  3. My most popular posts concern setting up CUDA or TBB on Windows and getting a small example to compile. This is easy to do with TBB (after all, it’s being developed by Intel), but its hard to get the CUDA nvcc compiler integrated into Microsoft’s Visual C++ so people are looking for help with that.

What do you think? Is there some other reason I’ve missed? What’s your parallel programming framework of choice and why?

Update (6/24/2008):

Here are the updated statistics. CUDA is pulling away!

Accumulated Hits
Framework #Hits Duration
TBB 1,267 140 days
CUDA 2,722 60 days

Further Update (6/17/2010):

Let’s see where we are after two years:

Accumulated Hits
Framework #Hits
TBB 10,220
CUDA 235,010